NEW Ajax Coolant Tank Chip & Sludge Remover

21 Sep 2021

Are you still wasting valuable time and money cleaning coolant tanks the old way?

Until now cleaning and maintaining machine tool coolant tanks has meant:

  • Stopping the machine and interrupting production
  • Pumping out and storing the coolant
  • Manually digging out the sedimentary sludge
  • Replacing the coolant and finally restarting production

This can now be resolved with the Ajax Coolant Tank Chip & Sludge Remover. This compact portable machine is suitable for cleaning all kinds of metal and non-metal chips and sludge from coolant tanks of Mills and Machining Centres, Lathes, Grinders, Bandsaws and more.

With the Ajax Coolant Tank Chip & Sludge Remover:

  • There is no need to stop the machine
  • Coolant is cleaned and recycled in place
  • Sludge is removed and captured in the 9 ltr stainless steel filter drum
  • Processing is quick and easy with the high 100 ltr per minute flow rate

Now supplied with Wash Down Cleaning capability.

Main Specifications:

Pneumatic operation 0.4 - 0.7Mpa

100L/min flow rate

Maximum suction distance 5 metres

Filter storage capacity 9 ltr

Filter mesh 1mm

Maximum particle diameter 10mm

Viscosity max 3000cps 25 degree C

Operating temperature 0-60 degree C