New 5000 series Hygiene Doors for Linen Services

Supplier: Remax Products
21 November, 2013

With the hot steamy environment of a busy commercial laundry, comes many operational challenges, particularly in the area of door design and hygiene.

Poor design may cause doors to fail prematurely, and become a harbor for bacteria and moisture. The Remax 5000 series Hygiene Doors are ideally suited to any environment where humidity, moisture and temperature variations are present.

The Remax Coldshield 5000 series Thermal Traffic Door features one-piece polymer door panel that has been ultra high pressure filled with non-CFC urethene foam, to a density similar to a solid core timber door. With an impressive R value of 3, the 5000 series door panel provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

The panel has no gaps or joins, and is impervious to moisture and acid/petroleum products.

With colour is evenly impregnated through the 4mm thick polymer skin, the Coldshield 5000 series door will never require painting, and retains its clean attractive appearance for the life of the door.

With the combination of highest quality polymer one-piece skin, no gaps, joins or seams, and full stainless steel hardware, the 5000 series Corrosion Resisitant Door provides unmatched performance for corrosion, bacteria, and hygiene control. All 5000 series panels come with a 10 year warranty against corrosion.

Product Features 
  • Cross-linked polythene door panel with ultra-high density, non-cfc urethane foam core 
  • For use where a consistently high level of corrosion resistance and hygiene is required 
  • Will take impact without damage where other door systems fail 
  • No glue, seams, or gaps in sanitary surface, and never require painting 
  • Can be fitted with standard or stainless steel jambs, hinges, locksets, and closers