Need to push heavy trolleys?

The Tug Classic in action.
The Tug Classic in action.

Trolleys are often pushed manually to transfer packs of green or dry timber into areas where they can be mechanically removed.

High force is often required to initiate the movement of the full heavy trolleys. Some of the factors to consider when addressing the risks involved are:

  • Traffic management issues – separation of pedestrians from forklifts
  • Implementing effective administrative procedures if mechanical aids are not available
  • Limiting the distances trolleys need to be pushed
  • Getting the appropriate trolleys made or change all existing castors
  • Implementing effective maintenance procedures for the trolleys, castors and housekeeping

All these issues can be avoided by purchasing an Electrodrive Tug. The tug simply hooks on to your existing trolley with a simple hitch.  This converts your heavy trolley into an easy to move motorised assembly with lots of power. It can be operated by one person who does not need to have a licence to operate it.

Productivity is greatly increased, and back or shoulder strain is eliminated.

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