Need help meeting Amazon packaging requirements?

Supplier: Get Packed - Packaging
24 August, 2017

If you're looking to be an on-line seller on Amazon, then you need to know and meet their packaging requirements. We may be able to assist with that.

Whilst you have the responsibility in knowing what the Amazon packaging requirements are, (click here to see their Policies and Requirements), Get Packed has some products and advice that will help to make this much simpler for you.

"Loose Products ... must be contained within a single secure package"
One of the most ideal ways of achieving this is with shrink wrapping. this will quickly and simply enable you to bundle any items together in a neat and professionally finished package. There are a number of shrink wrapping choices from low volume and budget desk top Shrink A Pack, mid range output All In One Shrink Wrappers to larger semi automatic and automatic shrink wrap machines.

View our video below to see how easy it is.

"Boxed Units ...must be six sided...must not collapse when medium pressure is applied...must pass the 3 foot drop test..."
If it doesn't meet the test then it must be contained within a poly bag with minimum thickness of 38um (microns). Poly Bags must also be printed with suffocation warnings, have a scannable label and be completely sealed.....

Well, Get Packed can assist with pretty much all of this!

Cardboard Cartons- are available in a range of sizes and can be custom made (minimum order quantities apply).
Poly-Bags - are supplied in an extensive range of sizes that meet the minimum thickness standard. We can also arrange  for the suffocation warning to be printed on your bags.
Labels and Label Applicators - The choices available to you are only limited by your numbers and budget. We can either pre-print simple white thermal labels with your barcode and any required information, or we can supply a Direct Thermal Label Printer plus labels and you can print them yourself.
Heat Sealers - These are used to seal your poly bags. There is the simplest Desk Top Impulse Heat Sealer, or you may prefer a foot / pedestal heat sealer. Please click on any of these links for further information or to view videos of each.

"Packaging Products Containing Liquids ... make sure your products have a double seal, or a safety seal... one of which may be a manufactured seal around the outside neck of the bottle..."

Shrink Sleeves - would meet this criteria and is one Get Packed knows a lot about. We can make these to order, or standard sizes can be purchased directly off the website. They can be made to fit just around the lid, or the full length of your jar or bottle. They are easily applied by hand, or for larger volumes then shrink wrapping may be a better option. You may even want to consider a sleeve wrapper or bundle wrapper with a shrink tunnel particularly if you are looking to bundle more than 1 item together.

Other packaging that is useful when selling online worth consider are:

Please talk to us regarding any advice on what might best suit your product.

All In One Shrink Wrapper ideal for Loose Products