Moving pre-fabricated timber trusses

Supplier: Fallshaw Group
04 June, 2012

The Tug Classic comes standard with automatic electromagnetic park braking, forward and reverse drive controls, variable speed control, lever operated throttle, a high capacity programmable controller and an emergency brake release.

Moving pre-fabricated timber trusses is awkward by nature due to their physical size and weight.  

One of Melbourne's leading suppliers of pre-fabricated timber roof trusses to Victorian residential building contractors found the onerous task of moving their trusses from the processing are to their loading area with a forklift was compromising the safety of their employees as well as limiting their productivity.

Electrodrive was commissioned to provide an engineered solution which had to meet important criteria: compatibility with other plant and equipment; certainty in the product and improved productivity and efficiency.  

The Tug Classic (3.5 tonne) was the perfect fit.  It eliminated the need for forklifts in a pedestrian occupied processing facility; it emits zero omissions which have significantly improved the air quality of the environment and most importantly, the Tug was made adaptable to use with existing trolleys at a low cost implementation.

About Tug Classic

  • Capacity: 1, 2 and 3.5 tonne models available
  • Move heavy trolleys and wheel objects safely and efficiently
  • Quiet, smooth operation with zero emissions
  • Easy attachment to trolleys, manual or automatic hitches
  • Simple to use, no driver's licence required

Benefits of implementation

  • Reduced manual handling, eliminating heavy lifting and pushing
  • Increased efficiency in process automation
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced operator fatigue