Move up to 20 tonnes safely with only one person? No problem.

Supplier: Fallshaw Group
03 November, 2008

Moving up to 20 tonnes within your factory or facility can be accomplished in a number of ways. But how many of those achieve the task safely, involving just one operator?

Built for power, safety and efficiency, the solution is with an Electrodrive Tug Tough.

Power — available in 10 or 20 tonne models and utilising a powerful 48V drive system, the Tug Tough allows a single operator to hitch to and move very big and very heavy wheeled loads.

Safety — because it is designed to tow heavy loads behind it, the operator is always in front of the load, in an ergonomic posture, having clear visibility of both pedestrians and obstacles in their path. This massively reduces the risk of injuries and accidents both to the operator and the people around them.

Efficiency — being battery operated, the Tug Tough can simply be recharged overnight, ready for the next day’s work. Also being simple to use, there is no need for certification or licences to be able to use it, increasing the pool of operators that can use it straightaway.

If you’d like to know more about how a Tug Tough can help you run a safer and more efficient workplace, or would like more information regarding the Electrodrive range of materials handling equipment, please contact us.