Mountable dust suppression & cooling

Supplier: Tecpro Australia
10 December, 2010

Tecpro Australia is proud to introduce the ‘little sister’ to the ELEFANTE fog cannon – the GIRAFFA.

The GIRAFFA fog cannon offers all the advantages of the larger ELEFANTE, but with the flexibility of being able to be mounted on a moveable extension, enabling it to reach 5 metres in height. Produced by the award winning Italian company Idrotech S.r.l, it is the latest addition to Tecpro Australia’s range of industrial dust suppression systems.

"The GIRAFFA is great for suppressing dust and neutralising odours on building sites and in other open spaces," says Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia.

"And because of its hydraulic arm, it can spray an area of around 50 metres in diameter."

Two atomizing nozzle-rings in the mouth of the cannon create a misting effect, with fine water vapour thrust over a wide distance by a powerful fan. 

"The GIRAFFA makes it simpler to comply with environmental requirements on a range of work sites," says Cooper.

"By suppressing fugitive airborne dust in areas such as construction sites, it minimises the dispersion of dust to neighbouring areas, thereby reducing dust pollution."

Apart from making the work site more liveable, using the GIRAFFA cuts down on wear and tear of equipment used on site which can be damaged by airborne dust. "It also saves the time and expense of having staff trying to manually hose down an area, which is often ineffective anyway," says Cooper.

"Furthermore, because it’s a fog system, puddles and rivulets of water are eliminated, along with the potential for them to become breeding grounds for insects."

The GIRAFFA fog cannon can be supplied mounted on a concrete base, metal palletised base, or fixed to a wheeled trolley. It uses water pressure of up to 10 bar through 64 nozzles, and the flow rate varies from 9.2 litres per minute to 40 litres per minute, depending on the particular nozzle size fitted. The unit requires 400v-50Hz power and uses 3 Kw of energy.

The cannon has a rotation angle of 340° and elevation of -20° to +45°. Air volume from the cannon is 9.300 m³/h. The height of the GIRAFFA is 4.850 metres and the fan diameter is 410 mm.

"Apart from being effective in dust suppression, the GIRAFFA also neutralises odours in garbage disposal sites, and can be used to cool stadia and meeting spaces," says Cooper.

"It is a flexible resource in a wide range of applications."