The Australian Department of Defence have taken delivery of their 2nd measurement steering wheel for non-contact measurement of steering torque, steering angle and steering speed on military and other vehicles.

The Corrsys Datron Measurement Steering Wheel (MSW) has been utilized globally by car manufactures and other vehicle testing organisations for measurement of steering angle, steering torque and steering speed of passenge, utility and heavy vehicles.
There are 2 models in the range—for normal and heavy vehicles. Different mounting options are available including the replacement steering wheel (figure 1) and the steering wheel adaptor (figure 2). The sensor for the replacement steering wheel option mounts between the steering wheel and the steering shaft. This minimized any change of the normal steering wheel position for the driver.

To permit universal application, the sensors are equipped with an exchangeable adapter for connection to the steering shaft gearing. A central opening allows for all cabling. For optimum safety, MSW sensors can withstand high levels of torque. There is a 50Nm version for passenger cars and a 250Nm model for heavy vehicles.