Marine Stainless 2 in 1 used on Nordhavn 62, Pendana

The following is feedback from a customer who used Marine Stainless Steel on his boat, Nordhavn 62.

Dear ITC,

One of my major frustrations with every boat I have ever owned is keeping the stainless looking like new. It wouldn't matter how often I polished the stainless within weeks it would start to corrode.

Then the boys from Delta Marine in Sydney mentioned a product that would protect my Marine Stainless Steel and keep it looking like new for at least one year. I remember thinking what have I to lose so I asked them to use the product and we would see how it went. ITC's Marine Stainless 2 in 1 product is, in a word, amazing.

It has now been almost ten months since we used the product and my stainless steel looks as good as the day it came out of the factory. There is simply not a mark on any of my stainless, no signs of corrosion and as such reduced costs in having it maintained.

My boat is a Nordhavn 62, Pendana, and has a load of stainless which now, thanks to Marine Stainless 2 in 1, it's looking as good as the day it came out of the factory. Thank you very much for producing a product that actually really works and does exactly what it says it will do.

Warm regards,

Dr James Ellingford

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