Manufacturing profile - Melbourne

Supplier: Bushmans Tanks
28 October, 2011

Below are details of the work Bushmans Tanks have completed in the Manufacturing field.


National Company based in Melbourne.

What is Stored:

There are four different products stored in this facility. These are:

  • BENZOIC ACID 16% in PG
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Deionised Water

Description of Customer Operations:

The customer is a service and assembly operation for a major national heavy duty automotive business. The markets they operate in include automotive, construction, industrial/locomotive, marine mining, oil and gas, and power generation.

They are manufacturers of filtration systems including air, exhaust, diesel emissions, lube, cooling and hydraulic systems.

Description of Tank Application:

Bushmans have provided tanks which are used to store chemicals and water. The Chemical tanks are located in a bunded area and are plumbed into the site systems.

Sizes, Type of Tank and Fittings:

The tanks sizes are;

  • TT560 – 22500 litres with a 1.5 SG rating
  • T3300 – 1500 litres with a SG1.5SG rating
  • T10500 – 46,500 Litres with a SG1.2 rating

The tanks were manufactured from High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) which provide excellent chemical resistance and strength.

Benefits of Bushmans Tank:

The tanks provide functional storage vessels which are;

  • Chemical resistant
  • Have the flexibility to be easily installed and connected to the sites operating system
  • The tanks are strong and robust providing secure storage of hazardous chemicals