Making your honey flow

Supplier: SBH Solutions
04 August, 2011

Solutions Snippet A major honey processor in Australia carried out trials of the LMK Thermosafe HJD 450W insulated drum heater jacket. The objective was to find an effective solution for small user customers to the problem of bringing honey up to a usable heat without risk of burning.

"When we ran off out of a [205 litre] drum as it liquefied, we managed to get all the honey out of a candied drum within 24 hours, which is quite impressive."

"Trial in the cold room [to simulate a day in the dead of the Australian(!) winter] using HJD resulted in 5 hours to extract the honey which is not fantastic but still pretty good."

The LMK product range is the only drum heater product that they can recommend to customers at this time.(1207)

The HJD or its 950W brother, the HHD, are both for use in drum contents melting within the food industry. Smaller drum heaters are also available to suit 25 litre, 50 litre and 100 litre pails. Both jackets can be safely used on steel or plastic drums because the non-aggressive nature of their heating technology.

LMK Thermosafe jackets are safe to use in factory conditions because the heat is directed into the drum in an efficient manner - good for employees, the environment and factory operating costs!