Making the switch to mobile truck and bus hoists may save you money

Airdraulics has been supplying Hetra wireless columns to the Australian market for the past six years and has helped 100's of companies by enabling versatility and cost savings.

These columns are in use across Australia from a list that includes individuals, truck and bus workshops, local authorities, bus and transit operators, councils and others.

Airdraulics manager Peter Perry says "one of the common things we hear from customers who have used the Hetra columns is they are annoyed because they should have bought them sooner". One of the company's customers, who purchased nearly 100 columns over a three-year period, along with many other repeats, is testament to this says Mr Perry.

"The Hetra 'Wireless' mobile column may save your business money and improve workplace safety and efficiency

Common problems faced by workshops not using mobile wirless columns

  • Creepers: Lack of access and ergonomics, low light, hard to perform repairs.
  • Fixed platform-type hoist: Space always taken up in one position. Cannot use when a dead vehicle is on it. 
  • Floor jack: Limited height and similar issues to creepers.
  • Ramp: One fixed position, potential obstructions with ramps and similar issues to fixed platform-type hoists.
  • Wired 'semi' mobile columns: High voltage power leads, trip hazards, setup time when using in various locations.
  • Pit: High cost, cannot be moved, fall risks, work done on various levels, potential environmental issues.
  • Nothing but concrete: Same issues as creepers.


How Hetra columns will save your business money

  • Ready to operate Hetra # RGA 'Wireless' columns are basically ready to operate.
  • Working efficiency Higher productivity thanks to better access and ergonomics, which in turn makes it easier and faster to do the job and minimises the chance of injuries, meaning less time off work.
  • Reduced repair costs For a fleet this can mean lower repair bills because minor problems are more likely to be identified and rectified due to the easy access and better natural light with this type of hoist, and in Exceptional Lift Height Hetra Columns. Infinite control with the ball nut lifting system.
  • Space The bigger the building the higher the cost.Utilise space better by having columns that can be moved and stored easily when not in use.
  • Lift multiple vehicles Within a workshop one set of columns can easily be moved and lift multiple vehicles and leave them on jack stands if required.
  • Lower costs Compared with a pit you may potentially lower insurance premiums. In addition to this, if you move or wish to move the position of a pit this is not economically viable.
  • Charge power Generally charge once per week and standard 230-volt singlephase power required. No costly three-phase power or linking cable to damage.
  • Mobility Allows for the use anywhere within the workshop or concrete hard stand.

As they say horses for courses, and in some instances the above options may seem to work okay. However, if you are doing a variety of work and have a number of vehicles or styles and types of vehicles to service, Hetra # RGA columns could be your answer says Perry.