Maintaining fire safety equipment is vital - Wormald

Supplier: Wormald
12 February, 2013

Every year fire fighters are called out to combat fires which may have been avoided had the right fire protection equipment and systems been installed within the premises and properly maintained.

According to Garry Kwok, National Technical Manager with leading fire protection specialist Wormald, “Carrying out a comprehensive assessment of a premises helps to identify potential fire hazards and assists in determining the most suitable fire protection solution - whether it is a fire extinguisher or fire hose reel, a fire sprinkler system, or a comprehensive fire detection and suppression system.”

When it comes to fire protection, a high level of reliability is required and Kwok advises that a building’s fire protection systems and equipment must perform to the standard to which they were originally designed and installed. Australian Standard AS1851-2005 - Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment - recommends that fire protection systems are regularly inspected to help ensure they are kept in proper working order.

“Regular maintenance and servicing can validate the functionality of fire protection systems and equipment and help uncover any faults or issues that may prevent them from working correctly at the time of greatest need,” said Kwok.

For some property managers, dealing with mandatory fire audits, complying with strict standards and regulatory requirements, and keeping clear, traceable records and reports can seem overwhelming. Fire protection specialists can provide professional advice, helping take the stress out of maintaining fire protection systems and providing peace of mind for management.

“It can be daunting to try and understand exactly what the obligations are,” says Kwok. “We help our customers stay on top of their servicing responsibilities by keeping a schedule of when their systems need to be inspected. This helps to minimise the risk of failure in an emergency situation.”

While drawing on its vast experience worldwide, Wormald offers localised solutions to suit individual customers’ needs, regardless of size. Wormald’s team has expertise in the Government sector as well as an array of industries such as healthcare, transport, leisure, building and construction and retail.

Wormald offers inspection and testing services and, if required, can maintain other manufacturers’ equipment. Wormald’s expertise covers a wide range of fire protection products and systems including fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and cabinets, fire sprinkler systems, gaseous suppression systems, fire detection systems, fire hydrants, smoke curtains and doors, and a range of special hazard systems. Wormald products and services meet the requirements of the applicable Australian industry standards.