Magnet solution helps council keep our beaches clean!

MSA Magnet for City Council
MSA Magnet for City Council

Recently, we were contacted by a City Council who needed a solution to help keep their beaches clean.

How do you help keep your beaches clean?

In the busy seasons (such as summer) beaches are filled with soda cans, bottles, and general litter from beach-goers…so who cleans it up?

It's often left up to the City Council who do a tremendous job of cleaning up after everyone. Rather than bending over and hand-picking up each individual piece of rubbish (extremely time consuming), they use a large machine called a beach rake. The beach rake is towed behind a tractor and collects rubbish from the sand with the help of many steel tines mounted on a conveyer belt.

But there is a problem.

These tines tend to get caught up in the rubbish and end up back in the sand. Not only are they expensive to replace, but the tines create their own form of litter which causes the beach rake to become less effective and leave MORE litter behind! Not to mention, tines are sharp & dangerous – they pose a huge public safety risk if they're left lying in the sand!

The tines can be clipped back on…but first there needs to be a way of collecting them!

With this problem in mind, an Eastern Sydney Council contacted MSA, who came up with an effective solution. MSA provided them with a large permanent magnet, which was placed on the bottom of the beach rake. As the tines pop off, the magnet immediately collects them from the sand and holds them securely until an operator removes them. The tines are then simply and easily clipped back into the rake and it's ready to go again!

The magnet solution holds a lot of benefits for the council:

  • Quick and easy install
  • Prevents loss of expensive tines…money saver!
  • Allows for more effective collection of litter…the more tines missing, the more litter missed!
  • A cost effective, easy fix, high-quality solution…minimal fuss for council workers!
  • Collects metal contamination missed by the rake.

MSA enjoyed working with the council on this project and helping them keep our beaches clean. Come summer time, we won't need to worry about stepping on sharp nasty tines, and we can enjoy a clean beach in peace!

That's not to say we can just freely leave litter around knowing that someone will clean it up…so do your bit and don't be a 'tosser'!

Have a metal contamination problem that needs solving? You know who to contact! We're passionate about our magnet solutions and solving customer needs (be they big or small) and we'd love to hear from you!