M2C to M2D conversion for Atlas Copco M2C Drill Rig

Supplier: Squirty Hydraulic & Mechanical
20 January, 2012

SHM have developed a package to convert the Atlas Copco M2C Drill Rig to a more productive and cost effective drilling machine.

Using the SHM Hydraulic Drilling System, the conversion means no electronics and a simple user friendly Control Panel to suit the operators of today.

The conversion package includes removing all M2C Valves and Electronics, fitting the SHM Drilling and Boom Control System under a manufactured two piece Stainless Control Panel for easy access. The kit is fitted to either closed or redesigned open cab.

The modified Hose System, starting from a manifold which is part of the cab redirects hosing down the inside of the Booms. There are two separate Looms per Boom – Drilling Loom and Boom Control Loom, which solves an ongoing problem with downtime and Hosing costs of the Atlas hose system.

The basic M2C to M2D Conversion takes approximately 5 weeks to complete plus commissioning time on site.

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