LMK Thermosafe Hazardous IECEx heating range extended

Supplier: SBH Solutions By: Nigel Smalls
09 June, 2017

LMK Thermosafe’s unique Inteliheat Flexiplus technology means that it is now possible to manufacture IECEx compliant insulated heater jackets for any smaller container size.

Flexiplus standard sizes mirror the non-hazardous dimensions of LMK’s safe area drum and gas bottle heater jackets, while the rigorous design parameters and testing allows custom sizes to be made. InteliHeat Flexiplus is the only insulated heater jacket technology independently certified to IECEx standards.  It can be safely used in manufacturing processes as part of the production line.

The heating medium uses a patented technology of carbon rich semi-conducting positive temperature co-efficient membranes.  The heater maintains a standard 80ºC at 240v on the inner surface of the jacket, and this way the content's upper temperature is 'self-limiting' as heat loses mount.  If more precise temperature monitoring is required, there are ATEX and IECEx controller options that can be built-in to the jacket at time of manufacture.

The Inteliheat FlexiPlus technology rounds out what is already the most sophisticated drum heating options available on the market, including the benchmark TH Electromagetic Induction Heater and the Faratherm Electromagnic base heater.

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