Liquid ferrous trap magnets developed for magnetic separation

Magnattack Global have increased development of efficient magnetic separation for liquid products and have developed the high intensity Rapidclean liquid ferrous trap magnets.

RapidClean liquid ferrous trap magnets which are a special development of conventional liquid pot magnets enabling:

  • RapidClean push tool cleaning
  • Reduced OH&S Issues   
  • User friendly cleaning
  • Easy to re-seal
  • +10,000 gauss strength
  • Individually replaceable magnetic probes
  • +85% coverage of product stream without blockage
  • Robust design
  • Vacuum, pressure, liquid and powder models available
  • Easily removed and cleaned with push tool and replaced
  • High grade surface finish for sensitive applications such as dairy

RapidClean liquid ferrous trap magnets are designed to efficiently extract magnetic fragments, work hardened stainless steel fragments and stone particles in both viscous and non-viscous liquid food products.

This high grade, endorsed equipment can be used for product protection against metal fragment issues and product complaints and can also be used to protect pumps, homogenisers and highly sensitive expensive equipment such as extruders, against damage caused by entry of magnetic metal fragments.

RapidClean liquid ferrous trap pot magnets can be made to suit pipelines from 1” through to 4” and the specialised magnetic elements inside the magnet traps are of a high temperature grade for product or CIP temperatures up to 150°C.