Lighting upgrades made easy

Supplier: Origin Energy
15 June, 2012

Lighting upgrades are a typical way for businesses to reduce energy consumption and reduce energy cost.

Origin and Low Carbon Australia make it easier and more cost effective for eligible businesses to implement and finance their energy efficiency projects, including lighting upgrades, with zero upfront cost, no capital expenditure and our Energy Savings Guarantee*.

Below are two case studies that demonstrate how leveraging Origin and Low Carbon Australia for lighting upgrades can achieve positive results for the environment and your business.

IGA, Runcorn, QLD (retail)

A comprehensive lighting upgrade was a good way for the store owner of IGA Runcorn in Queensland to reduce energy usage and operating cost.

By leveraging the expertise and financing options provided by the Origin and Low Carbon Australia program, the retrofit required no capital outlay from the store owner, was done with minimal impact to operations and delivered with Origin's Energy Savings Guarantee*.

The result:

IGA is expected to achieve energy savings totalling 13,279 kWh with the monthly cost savings higher than project delivery cost over 36 months, resulting in a monthly positive cash flow from day one.

Central Coast Youth Club Stadium, NSW (basketball stadium)

An assessment provided by Origin and partner Global Sustainability Initiatives (GSI), of the Central Coast Youth Club (CCYC) stadium, at Niagara Park, Central Coast, NSW, as part of Basketball NSW and GSI's Stadium Energy Saving Program^, identified an energy savings opportunity totalling 64, 459kWh per annum through lighting upgrades. This reduction in energy usage would result in a substantial reduction in their lighting cost.

Utilising funds provided by Low Carbon Australia, Origin was able to structure the project such that savings exceeded the costs and delivered the project with the Energy Savings Guarantee*.

The result:

CCYC has achieved a reduction of more than 50 per cent off their court lighting energy usage resulting in substantial cost savings. In addition, the reduction in greenhouse emissions is approximately 69 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

"These are significant energy and cost reductions and the light levels have dramatically improved," Wayne Winiata, general manager of CCYC, said, "we should have done this sooner".

Origin and Low Carbon Australia can help you with more than just lighting upgrades

There are many ways to reduce your energy consumption and energy cost, and Origin has the expertise to help you find the best solutions for your business.

In addition to lighting upgrades, Origin can help you with heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) upgrades, compressed air systems, heat recovery systems, building control systems and more.

Plus, the Origin and Low Carbon Australia program provides additional benefits for eligible businesses, including:

  • Zero upfront cost
  • Energy savings guarantee*
  • End to end project management
  • Flexible finance options including on-bill financing
  • Grant assistance