Lifting magnets provide safety

Supplier: Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics
23 March, 2010

Steel workshops once handled steel plates and blocks with slings, chains or mechanical grabs. Now lifting magnets provide safer, surer lifting.

Slings often make it difficult to release the load as it may come to rest on the slings. In addition, the attaching and detaching of slings or chains frequently results in hand and finger injuries.

Permanent lifting magnets that can be simply activated and de-activated with a lever are providing a safe, sure and convenient alternative in thousands of steel lifting applications.

Available from Serpent and Dove is the full range of Tecnomagnete 'MaxX' lifting magnets with steel lifting capacity ratings from 125 Kgs to 2000 Kgs. Using the latest technology to take advantage of new generation rare earth magnet materials, these lifting magnets provide huge capacity to weight ratios.

For example, a lifting magnet weighing just 6 Kgs can safely lift 250 Kgs and will break away at 750 Kgs.

Lifting with magnets has come of age and users are saving hours of time by simply lowering the lifting magnet onto the steel plate or block, turning the handle to the 'on' position where it locks for safety and lifting the load.

When the load is at rest, the handle can be released from the safety position and turned to 'off' for release of the load.