Lencrow now covers EP range to 20 tonnes

Supplier: Lencrow Materials Handling
28 April, 2014

Lencrow has just received the first of three units in the Larger EP range.

The unit in stock is a CPCD100 with a capacity of 10,000kgs @ 600mm load centres. This unit is powered by the popular Isuzu 6BG1QP that produces 84kw@2200rpm giving both power and good fuel consumption. The transmission comes standard with two forward and reverse speeds.

Ross Grassick of Lencrow says, "we decided that this range of units should be fully fitted in the factory. So all the units we have ordered come with an air conditioned cabin and factory fitted side shift and fork positioning. We are pleased with our choice as the cabin offers excellent visibility making the unit easy to use."

EP range now goes through to 20,000kgs. The larger units come with option of engine and transmission, make, size and origin. Truly making these units world class equipment.

"We have had a trouble free run with the 8000kg units and expect no less from these models," says Rod Jackson of Lencrow.

This range shows EP attention to quality and drivers comfort while still offering great value.