LED Light towers: the future of mobile lighting

Supplier: PROMAC International
12 October, 2012

LED Light towers are incredibly versatile and perfectly suited to a range of service applications, including mining, construction, civil engineering, events management,emergency response and security.

Greenlite LED towers are PROMAC Sales's latest innovation.

Combining the ultra-efficient low energy demands of LED panels and the rugged Prolite trailer, we have created a powerful and environmentally-friendly mobile lighting platform.

With unmatched efficiency, the Greenlite reduces fuel usage by up to 75 per cent versus conventional light towers — massively reducing operating costs and improving your return on investment.

Ultra-efficient, the Greenlite has up to 100 hours running time between refuelling.

Heavy-duty LED panels provide dramatic improvements in reliability, have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and greater damage resistance.

Using proven technology we can integrate lighting, vision and 2-way communications to give you vital 'command & control' data. Modems, surveillance cameras, GPS tracking can all be installed giving unrivalled functionality.

Reliability and accessibility have driven the design and development of our lighting tower products.

We back our products with comprehensive warranty terms — three years on the LED lamps. If your machine suffers a breakdown, our experienced team are on hand to offer technical support or dispatch parts.

Using components from major manufacturers such as Hatz, Stamford and Yuken means parts availability is never a problem.

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