LED benefits

Supplier: Brightgreen
23 May, 2011

Everyday residential and commercial property owners are making the decision to replace their existing downlights with LED downlights and reaping the benefits of this change.

Brightgreen has created the top ten benefits for installing LED downlights and highlights why this lighting source is the most attractive option in the lighting market today.

1. Efficiency
LEDs consume very little energy compared to other forms of lighting, benefiting the environment as well as reducing electricity bills. A standard 50W halogen lamp converts only 10% of its electricity into light and the rest into heat. In contrast, LEDs turn 85% of their electricity into light and only require a fifth of the power that halogen needs to do this.

2. Superior product life
Once an LED downlight is installed it can last up to thirty years, which is fifteen times longer than halogen. Not only does this solve the annoyance of regularly replacing light bulbs, it also reduces the embedded energy involved with making and packaging the product.

3. Mercury & heavy metal free
Brightgreen’s lights are free from all harmful materials, including mercury and lead, which are both found in CFLs. This makes Brightgreen’s lights safe to use as well as safe to recycle.

4. Great light quality
Brightgreen’s D900 has an extremely high light quality (CRI 90), which makes the light appear as close to natural light as possible. This differs from other forms of lighting such as CFLs that emit a blue, artificial light.

5. UV free
Brightgreen’s lights contain no UV light protecting objects sensitive to UV light, such as paintings, as well as repelling insects, a necessity for Australian summers.

6. Cradle to cradle
The D900 is built from one material making it easily separated. As a result, recycling the light allows all the materials to be converted into new products without leaving anything behind.

7. Instant start up
Once an LED is switched on, its full brightness appears instantly no matter what temperature or environment the light is illuminating.

8. Design award winning fittings
Brightgreen’s D900 has won three national design awards including ‘Best Product’ and ‘Best New Product’ at the 2010 DesignEx and DesignBUILD awards. These awards have allowed the D900 to receive international and national acclaim as well as setting a new precedent in the LED market.

9. Universally dimmable
Brightgreen has been developing dimmable LEDs for years but the D900 is the first of it’s kind to work with normal leading and trailing edge dimmers, as well as being Clipsal compatible. These compatibilities allow a more versatile aesthetic and faster installation.

10. Fire free
Developed in Australia and designed for Australian conditions, the D900’s luminaire averages 70 degrees Celsius, which is below the Australian standards for clearances (see AS 3000). The D900’s lower temperature minimizes any risk of fires as well as allowing a safer, easier installation.

To add to these convincing benefits, all of Brightgreen’s products are designed, distributed and manufactured locally. Numerous buildings and governmental policies and standards are also encouraging the adoption of LED lighting.