Latest POS Systems help increase chances of cost control

Supplier: Bepoz By: Philippa Smyth
14 June, 2011

Jay Mitchell, GM at the licensed Hoppers Club, explains how Vectron’s latest POS system with integrated beverage management, CCTV and paging has brought various business efficiencies and controls.

Busy licensed clubs and could increase their chances of cost control and improving profit margins by updating to the latest POS Systems. Current technologies allow better staff time utilization and can greatly improve profitability.
The Hoppers club, a thriving club with 9000 members manages a diverse venue with several bars, large bistro lounge, tab gaming and function areas. The video covers which areas of the club's operation have benefitted from the new system.
They switched to Vectron's POS system in 2009 as their old system could not track all the discounts given away to members. 
The new system incorporated membership management along with other system driven controls which helped close off potential loopholes and tighten up margins.
  • extensive back of house reporting 
  • tracking of discounts given away at point of sale
  • automatic birthday rewards, prize draw entry etc 
  • membership swipe cards
  • end to end purchase order management
  • complete stock control with rapid scanning of barcoded stock and auto updates
  • POS linked beverage management systems tracking all poured alcohol
  • wireless pos handhelds and pagers for prompt customer service and smooth order flows
  • fast intuitive touchscreens for rapid order processing
If you want to know any more about POS, integrated beverage management or paging, see Vectron's website or email
Can a new POS system help Clubs cut costs?