28 Nov 2020

A Large Ultrasonic Cleaner Saves Your Business Time and Money

Installing a large ultrasonic cleaner in your facility lets you keep machine parts clean more efficiently than ever. No more breaking parts down and cleaning by hand: CleenSonic’s ultrasonic cleaners get cleaning solutions into crevices so that your parts maintain their functionality.

Problems a Large Ultrasonic Cleaner Addresses

Tearing a part down to its components and then reassembling it takes time, not to mention the time it takes to clean each part. A few advantages of our cleaners:

  • Ease of use. Ultrasonic cleaners have transducers attached to the bottom of their tanks to create vibrations at high frequencies that send sound waves through the cleaning solution.
  • Versatility. Ultrasonic cleaners provide tough but gentle cleaning that enables you to clean engine parts completely as well as electronics and surgical instruments.

Ultrasonic cleaners save you hassle by cleaning entire components so that you can get back to work quickly.

What Sets CleenSonic Apart Regarding Large Ultrasonic Cleaners?

We have decades of experience with ultrasonic cleaning technologies. A few benefits of trusting CleenSonic:

  • Our ultrasonic cleaners can be tailored to any industry and facility.
  • Our cleaners are efficient at removing contaminants from almost any hard surfaces that can be safely immersed in a cleaning solution.

Our ultrasonic cleaners are designed to reach microscopic areas for a thorough cleaning. You work best when your machinery parts are free of debris and contaminants, so they maintain their functionality and keep production moving forward. Request your free solution exploration session from us for more information on how our ultrasonic cleaning line can make that happen.