Kill diesel growth with FTC Decarbonizer

Supplier: Cost Effective Maintenance
19 May, 2017

Don’t allow fungi, bacteria and moulds to grow in your diesel fuel and cause serious engine damage! The safe, fast and easy way to kill diesel growth is with FTC Decarbonizer added to the fuel.

FTC Decarbonizer is extremely effective in killing both the live organisms, and the highly resistant spores. It then dehydrates the slimy mass. As a result little, or no fuel filter clogging occurs after treatment. This is a big plus, when compared to most conventional biocides!

How does the diesel growth get there and what damage can it do?

The growth often enters from contaminated diesel tanks, but the resistant spores can be airborne and enter via tank breathers or with dust. To proliferate, they live in the water phase and feed off the diesel. The diesel growth can block fuel lines and filters, and as they decompose, the acidic residue destroys fuel system components.

Simple Steps on how to kill diesel growth with FTC Decarbonizer.

  1. Drain off any water & sediments from the tank.
  2. Generally, the existing fuel will just need treating so no need to remove it. FTC Decarbonizer will burn aged diesel more cleanly.
  3. Blow out any fuel lines & fittings between tank and filter that may have clogged.
  4. Replace fuel filter &/or clean the water separator.
  5. Dose fuel with FTC Decarbonizer at 1:800 treat rate.
  6. Run the engine to ensure the FTC Decarbonizer reaches all parts of the fuel system to stop further growth occurring, and protect the fuel system components.
  7. Put the engine back into service.
  8. Regularly check fuel filter drains, and monitor sediments.
  9. Continue using FTC Decarbonizer ongoing, with each fuel fill, at 1:1600 treat rate.

No more diesel growth with FTC Decarbonizer.

  • Meandu Coal Mine used FTC Decarbonizer for fuel efficiency reasons. Their bulk diesel tank cleaning is done every 10 years, but with FTC use, the tank was surprisingly clean inside.
  • Peak Downs Mine suffered bouts of diesel growth clogging fuel filters on the truck fleet, and stopping production. Immediately after dosing up on FTC Decarbonizer, the filter problems stopped.
  • C Worthy Marine had a huge fuel bug problem in both tanks of a Fairways 36 boat. The quote to clean both tanks absolutely floored them. Instead FTC Decarbonizer quickly and cheaply killed the fuel growths, and broke down the bug. The Racor primary fuel filter was drained at 5hr intervals for a couple of tanks of diesel, and the problem was fixed!