Kemppi unveils its Gamma helmet range to set a new global benchmark for welder safety and protection

Leading international welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi, has launched its new Gamma range of helmets for welders.

The personal gear offers welders the best protection for the eyes, face and respiratory system, and it also integrates work lights for clear vision and safety in low light working conditions. The Gamma range reduces work fatigue, increases comfort, and helps guard against welding related health hazards. Designed to deliver maximum protection and safety for welding professionals, the Gamma family now sets the global benchmark.

Intense light and heat from the welding and cutting arcs are known hazards in welding workshops. However, welding also contaminates the surrounding air. Welding and cutting fumes, which contain dangerous elements that are generally not visible to the naked eye, pollute the breathing air and can pose serious health risks.

Typically, welders can breathe 4,000 litres of air in an 8-hour work shift, and if the lungs are unprotected, tiny fume particles can pass deep into the lung structure and can cause serious health risks through long and short-term exposure to the contaminated air.

The new Gamma series protects welders from 99.8% of airborne fumes and particulates. ‘The Gamma series, when used together with the new powered filter unit, meets the highest European Total Inward Leakage (TIL) classification for respiratory performance, class TH3 as well as Australian and New Zealand standards,’ said David Green, Managing Director, Kemppi Australia. ‘This places the Gamma series in a category all of its own when it comes to delivering maximum overall protection for the welder.’

Powered from either a battery powered filter pack or an airline breathing source, the Gamma GTH3 respirator models work on the ‘positive air pressure’ principal to exclude dangerous welding fumes, and supply clean and fresh breathing air into the breathing zone. These helmets ensure the welder enjoys a safe, cool and comfortable breathing environment when welding.

Meeting the highest filtration performance for respiratory protection, the belt mounted, battery powered PFU 210e filter pack also offers total freedom of movement around the worksite, and the supplied air models can be connected to a known breathing air system to meet the local breathing air standards.

Designed from the user’s perspective, the Gamma also provides excellent optical quality and large view areas. LiFE+ Colour auto-darkening welding filter technology enables greater clarity of vision. What’s more, when the welding visor is lifted, a 198 cm2 clear impact protection shield provides superb worksite views. These combined features improve work accuracy, increase safety, and reduce eye strain and work-based fatigue.

Plus, Gamma helmets with the auto-darkening welding filters are easy to adjust as they include the ‘Remote-RC’ feature. Located on the inside, upper surface of the helmet shell, the remote-control buttons allow welders to quickly and conveniently adjust the filter even when they are wearing the helmet.

Other features that enhance the usability of the Gamma helmets include Axis regulation and GapView functions that deliver fast and convenient adjustment of the viewing area for different working positions. For low light conditions, the XFA models integrate 70 lumen LED work lights to help improve visibility, comfort and safety.

To ensure maximum comfort, the ComFlex headband offers flexibility for the perfect fit to the welder’s individual head shape and preferences. The suspended weight of the helmet is distributed evenly to help reduce fatigue.

Welders can choose from a range of seven Gamma models. They include standard face and eye protection through to the advanced high-class respiratory solutions that provide welders with a safe breathing environment throughout their working day.

The Gamma helmets are suitable for use in all arc-based processes including welding, cutting and gouging, and in grinding and inspection work.