Jones Construction: Induction heating applications

Field Machine Tools assists Jones Construction with induction heating applications.

Project Description:

To pre-heat a 48" diameter pipe 22mm wall thickness x 80 material to 100 °C.
Total 160 kilometers of pipe welded over a two year period.

Project Location:


Project Date:



11 x 35kw RHS Induction Heating Machines Complete with
40 KVA Generators
48” Air Cooled Blankets
50ft Induction Heating Extension Cables
Quick Hitch Clamp & Weather Canopy


We designed a complete rig in conjunction with our client to achieve the fastest time to
temperature, as speed was paramount. From the fixing of the heating band and switch on machine temperature was achieved in 8 minutes through heat. We had determined a preset time so that  all the operator had to do was hit a button and the machine would switch off when it came to temperature and if he needed to re-apply he would just hit the button on the pendant again.