ISP's Choose Skyzer

Supplier: Skyzer Technologies
12 June, 2019

Why do ISP's and vendors choose Skyzer Technologies?

Skyzer Technologies has rolled out hardware logistics support to two Internet Service Providers in Australia - in a signal that the company's move into logistics services is complementing it's existing hardware support services, and bringing even greater value to customers.

Speaking at an ATSE event in Sydney this week, Skyzer's CEO, Troy Sneddon said "This news confirms that our strategy is on the mark. We saw an opportunity to help large hardware fleet owners, like ISP's, to reduce operational costs by pairing our high performing depot services, like screening, repair and refurbishment, with our new direct logistics services that include direct receiving of field returns, asset tracking, long term storage & stock management, and direct despatch to end users."  

"Our new ISP customers are already reaping the benefits of eliminating unnecessary freight movements between suppliers, 3PL storage, operations depots and customers. We receive new stock directly from the manufacturer, book it into stock and send it to customers when needed."

"Even better still, in an industry where traditionally returned hardware is scrapped or, at best, returned for many months to an overseas OEM for assessment, at Skyzer we convert equipment received directly from the field into tested and refurbished stock inside 10 business days." he added.

Skyzer Technologies is an experienced product support service provider - delivering product lifecycle services such as assembly, customisation, firmware injection, repair and refurbishment - and more recently, logistics services such as direct receipt and despatch and stock storage and asset management services.

Skyzer has facilities in Sydney & Melbourne.