Is your Forklift Safety cage to the Australian Standard?

Supplier: Wiretainers
31 July, 2018

Forklift safety cages are used to provide workers access to workspaces above ground level however not all safety cages are created equal. For use in Australia, and to ensure the safety of operators, a safety cage needs to meet Australian Standard AS 2359.1 2015: Powered industrial trucks.

The Wiretainers & BJ Turner Forklift Safety Cage is not the cheapest on the market, but we believe it's the only one that currently not only meets but exceeds the Australian Standard.

The Australian Standard specifies in Section 12.3.2 (f) Duplicate independent locks, shall be provided to secure the platform in the correct position...

The Wiretainers & BJ Turner forklift safety cage has the standard chain lock manual system that many cages use.  It also has the added user proofing of auto-tyne locks which swing into position on pick up of the cage. So if the user decides not or forgets to put the chain on, the safety cage is securely and safely attached to the forklift.

The Australian Standard specifies in Section 12.3.2 (g) (ii) The front and both sides shall consist of handrails, infill and toe boards...

The Wiretainers & BJ Turner forklift safety cage has all these, and in fact, we have intentionally sloped the handrail to prevent use as a ladder.  We do not use a mid rail in our cage for the same reason - we have seen people standing on this mid rail to gain extra height and believe this to be extremely dangerous.

Our forklift safety cage has 25 x 25 x 3mm mesh infill on all sides including the back and a toe board all around.

The Australian Standard specifies in Appendix E4.3.6.6 Anchorage point(s) shall be marked with the following: (a) the manufacturer's details (b) Free fall arrest for one person - 15kN (c) Free fall arrest for two persons - 21kN

Our latest forklift safety cage has a branded anchorage point that rates at 6 tonne, which exceeds the requirements for two persons.

Our signage and inward closing door, comply to the standard and the safety harness we provide when required is rated to 1.5KN

Where Quality and safety is concerned, We will not compromise, you will not buy better.

Manufactured at our plant in Preston, Vic using Australian Materials.  We ship our Safety Cages all over Australia.