Integrated Packaging: proud market innovators

08 Jul 2021

Integrated Packaging is Australia’s largest manufacturing specialist of stretch film wrap, providing high quality and cost-effective solutions for protecting your produce, foods, beverages, crops and

As proud market innovators, IPG is committed to achieving excellence, fostering an environment that facilitates continual communication with their customers, to evolve their product range and keep them at the forefront of the markets they serve.

Through ongoing product development IPG have made significant technological advances with the introduction of the next generation in stretch film. The IPG patented Altex™ system (the production system for Excell film) produces a lower gauge than conventional stretch film, offering waste and cost reduction for customers with the benefits of improved strength and film properties.

Excell™ is a globally unique cold orientation process applicable to a large proportion of flexible films, not only stretch films, but is also utilised in IPG's Agricultural range; SilaWRAP Plus and EnduroWRAP. This unique stretching process exclusive to IPG and is not available to other film manufacturers except licensees.

IP also produces MAXI Pre Stretched Hand Film. A very low gauge, high performance film which is a soft wound roll that prevents damage to the roll if accidentally dropped.

This next generation of film is being currently utilised in the marketplace by IPG's high volume users. The testing data has shown excellent results, proving to increase operational productivity particularly for fully automated machine users with noticeably less waste.

Furthermore, IPG are engaged in a CRC for Polymers research program aimed at the broader use of degradable films across all applications and has commercialised its products in the industrial and agricultural sectors using this new technology.

IPG’s product development strategy places a high emphasis on sustainability. Each business division looks to create, innovate and adapt products that will meet the requirements of the next generation whilst fulfilling customer needs today.

Currently IPG are investing in the development of a range of products across the business:  

  • Film development. Lower gauge (thickness) higher performance films. Lower cost films producing less waste.
  • Base films for cotton wraps sold around the world
  • Packaging solutions for specific market segments
  • Unique pre stretch film technology including patented Altex system for production of Excell hand and machine stretch film and Maxi soft wound hand film
  • Pre press services and new product development – 3d virtual modelling
  • Barrier film development
  • CRC for Polymer – degradable master batch and films
  • Specific shrink wrap film for the dairy industry
  • Pre stretch film for pallet wrapping
  • Lower gauge Mulch films for horticulture
  • Lower gauge and high performance Silage films for agriculture
  • IM next generation wrapping machines (fully automatic and semi automatic)
  • IR Composite (Engineering sustainable plastic products) to further develop its range of composite recycled timber products that are now already utilised across a large variety of applications in agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, landscaping, industry and a variety of everyday uses