Installation & Operation of our Model R "Din Rail Mounted STS"

Supplier: Static Power By: Static Power Pty Ltd
15 October, 2020

Here is a video in respect to the Model R our DIN Rail Mounted STS for process control, BMS and industrial applications It covers the installation and operation.

The Model R is perfect for coping with failed UPS or failed batteries within a UPS and will transparently transfer the critical systems to an alternative power source. 

The change-overs are Break-Before-Make and this is necessary to avoid backfeed into a faulted source which could degrade both supplies if we were to switch into the faulted source.

The small break is not seen by the critical loads and ensures that your critical systems will keep operating

The Mode R is a fully solid state switching (uses thyristors or SCRs)

The Model R has backfeed contactors and ensures safe operation for downstream personnel when they are working on a disconnected source (no backfeed voltage appears)

When out of synch it is desirable to ahve a longer break but its still within the CBEMA standard requirements (less than 1 cycle)

100% designed, manufactured and supported in Australia  by us Static Power. We specialize in all Static Transfer solutions

Please view the video and if you would like to inquire contact us