Insiders secret tips on packaging supplies

Supplier: ETS Embossing and Tape Supplies
06 November, 2015

Below are some helpful tips & information you may not know, that can help you get the most out of Your Packaging Supplies (Warehouse Supplies)

Can't Find Where A Roll Of Tape Starts - After cutting tape, put a paper clip where the roll begins

Using this trick will always help you find the start of a roll of tape

Cheap Pallet Pads - Instead of using conventional pallet pads to line your pallets. We have Cost Effective Economy Pallet Pads available. If you are after a small quantity of pallet pads, use our 1220mm corrogated cardboard.

Save Money When Sending Small Packages - Instead of packing small products using void fill to take up gaps, along with packaging tape to seal boxes, use our range of different size Padded Mailing Bags we have available.

Save Time & Money When Sending Small Packages By Using Our Range Of Bubble Lined Mailing Bags !

Labour Savings On Bubblewrap - For long products, use our bubbletube. Bubbletube is made to your required size, your product feeds straight into the tube, saving time on having to wrap each individual product, at the same time using minimal tape.

Try Bubble Tubing as a quicker way for packaging your products

For Long Thin Boxes - Save time & tape, use Filament Tape with an "L Clip" - a small tab of tape around 60mm in length that seals over each edge.

Best Way To Store Tape - Away from sunlight in a cool dry area.

To Get Best Adhesion When Applying Tape - Make sure that boxes are dirt & dust free, full surface contact is made with tape & box it is being applied too. (ie- run your hand along the tape).

Tape or Adhesive Envelopes Aren't Sticking Well in Cold Weather - Keep your tape or envelopes in your office (at room temperature) if your factory is cold, as adhesives work better in warmer temperatures.

When Opening A Box Of Tape, Never Slice Across The Box With A Knife - As this may put a knick in the roll, causing the tape to tear everytime it unrolls - making the roll defective.

Snap On Seals ("S O" Seals) are designed to be used with Steel Strapping Open Seals are designed to be used with Plastic Polystrapping

What Are The Correct Seals To Use For Steel & PolyStrapping - Snap On Seals (SO) are used for steel strapping. Open Seals (Open) are used for Polystrapping.