Innovative contact-less measurement system of liquid paint

Measuring the colour quality of liquid paint is a lengthy and difficult process. Integrating both colour and displacement sensors enable the system to reliably measure colour more efficiently.

For paint manufacturers, measuring the colour of liquid paint has been a lengthy and difficult process. The paint is typically applied to the test area, which is then measured only after the paint has dried-off to achieve reliable measurement results. When the results are unsatisfactory, the container has to be remixed and blended or even disposed. This process requires a significantly long waiting time until a new measurement procedure can be started.

Bestech Australia has now introduced the colorCONTROL ACS7000, high-speed inline photospectrometer, and the optoNCDT 1420, laser triangulation sensor, to enable real-time and high-precision colour measurement of liquid paint directly in the production process. This combination of sensors is chosen as they operated in similar measuring range, between 10-500mm, and offer fast measurement speed of maximum 4000 samples per seconds. This system eliminates the need of waiting for the paint sample to dry, therefore, significantly reduces production times and increases production efficiency.

The spectral distribution of the reflected light greatly influences the colour measurement technology, where even changing the measuring distance by 0.05mm will vary the measurement results. However, the distance accuracy with which paints can be filled into the sample container can be tolerated to ±2mm. This is where the optoNCDT 1420 laser triangulation sensor plays role to readjust the distance of the colour sensor from the object to achieve high measurement accuracies. The colorCONTROL ACS7000 utilises ACS circular sensors which eliminates error from the change in direction of sensor view. As both sensors are compact, Bestech, partner of MicroEpsilon, offers an integrated and space-saving solutions for in-line colour measurement.

Bestech Australia now has a team of fifteen qualified engineers and has extensive experience in providing customised sensor solutions for specific applications. Should you require more information on the applications and the products related to colour and distance measurements, please contact us.

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