Supplier: Biomass Heating Australia
19 December, 2019

Biomass Heating Australia Was established with the environment in mind and utilising waste products to heat your house with end cost in mind as well as the environment.

Our manufacture is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on professionally researching and developing and selling energy - saving environment - friendly heating appliance. Our heaters are approved by GS, CE, EPA certified. With an annual production of other 100,000 sets we are creating high - quality low energy consumption using biomass energy source to generate high heat witch we make from 100% Australian Hardwood, off-cuts and sawdust.
The low carbon economy in Bio Heating energy fields, switch to a pellet heater can help with green house GCS reductions. This can be done by switching from fossil fuels to a renewable, low - net - carbon fuel, being pellets (Pellet heaters) or briquettes for (log heaters).
Low - Cost fuel that can save our customers a significant amount of money keeping energy expenditures local and from 100% Australian Hardwoods witch burn  longer and with more intense heat. Most important is the better use of our wood waste products for heating and energy. Also using this Biomass energy source to Carbon neutral - Because C02 they emit when burned replaces the C02 the trees would have emitted through burning or decay process naturally.
We also Guarantee, our wood pellets are made from 100% Australian hardwood waste products from our sawmills in Australia. All our products have a 12 months warranty or replacement on faulty product.