HYDAC Accessories for paint shops

HYDAC has been supplying special ball valves in stainless steel to spray booth manufacturers and suppliers for well over 10 years, as a professional partner.

HYDAC is able to draw on its comprehensive standard range but can also design and build complex, patented solutions with automated functions.

The world of paints and varnishes is well-known to us. Phrases such as rennin-free, negotiable by pigs and reduced clearance are part of our everyday language.

In addition to the large scale paint shops for the automobile industry, automated or manual ball valves are also consistently used in small mobile spray booths.

Here our special blocks must be compatible with unpleasant and aggressive fluids, such as primers, basecoats, clear varnishes, hardeners.

And after all that, a pig is sent through the system to clear the last traces of paint from the pipe work.

In one paint shop approx. 1,200 special blocks are used. These special blocks must have a solid connection with the system, by means of a fixed flange arrangement or orbital welding.

The profitability of a paint shop stands or falls by a sophisticated and responsive paint-change system in conjunction with minimum wastage of paint and resources.

For more information please contact your nearest HYDAC branch at:

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