Fuel saver, economical solution
Fuel saver, economical solution

For the initial engine oil treatment, you will need sufficient Bi-tron Engine Formulation (E.F.) to treat the crankcase oil at approximately 10%, to be used about 8 hours or 800 klms before the oil change.

After refilling with new oil and fitting a new oil filter cartridge, retreat with 5% Bi-tron EP20 Engine Treatment. 

This treatment is good for at least the next oil change in machinery or 10,000 kms in vehicles. If Oil Analysis Test was done at the 2nd & 3rd oil change after using Bi-tron, the results should show that the intervals between oil changes could be increased (maybe by at least double hours). The reduction in fuel and contaminates in the oil sample is very considerable. It also reduces the wear and tear of the machinery. 

Transmission Treatment

Bi-tron EP40 Metal Treatment (Powertrain): - If the oil in the transmission (Gearbox; Differentials, Transfer Case & Hydraulics) has been changed regularly and you believe the oil to be clean, then you can treat these areas at the rate of 10% with the Bi-tron EP40 Metal Treatment (B.E.P40.M.T.).

This Product is extremely good at reducing friction, noises, whining & excess heat. When you eventually do an oil change, retreat at the rate of 5% B.E.P40.M.T. Some Hydraulic units where a lot of oil is used as a coolant; those units need only be treated at the rate of 3 to 5% B.E.P40.M.T. The Bi-tron only treats the metal.

Fuel Treatment

Bi-tron  D110  Fuel Treatment: - As the lubrication in the diesel fuel is very low; treat diesel fuel at 2 ml Bi-tron D110 per Litre Fuel ( 2 L Bi-tron D110 to 1000 L Diesel Fuel) to help to condition the fuel and put the lubrication back into the fuel. You should change the fuel filter/s after burning about 1000ltr diesel when you first start using the Bi-tron.

Continue treatments of the Diesel Fuel with Bi-tron D110 at 2 L Bi-tron to 1000 L Fuel. Bi-tron D110 maintains the fuel to "Premium Fuel Condition" for maximum burn, and a possible 90% reduction in Exhaust Pollution Emissions.

Bi-tron Fuel Conditioners are the only Products which will lubricate the Top End of the Engine (Top Piston Ring: Cylinder Walls and Valves). Bi-tron will work under extreme heat and pressure.

Even though the Bi-tron D110 will work on any machine, the Bi-tron D110 has been especially designed to operate with machinery using Computerised Fuel Management Systems.

Add Bi-tron Diesel D110 Fuel Treatment at 2 mls. Per Litre of Diesel. Adding the Bi-tron D110 Fuel Treatment & Engine Treatment (Formulation) & E.P40.Metal Treatment in combination for maximum fuel saving.

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