How to get a mirror finish on INOX (Stainless Steel)

In today's age it is becoming increasingly important to achieve a perfect mirror finish result, for instance in sanitary areas, luxury façade construction, in shipyards (yachts), medical industry (installations and fittings for operations) and commercial kitchens.

With the Trizact sleeve we use the rubber expanding wheel no.42002 with low speed and low pressure, speed dial no. 2-3 (On the Poly PTX 800). Make sure to clean the workpiece with a microfiber cloth between each grit of Trizact sleeves.

Step 1 - Pre grinding - With coarse Trizact™ sleeve (depending on surface: A160, A100, A65) remove light scratches. We recommend the ceramic sleeve K60 and the zirconium sleeve K60 for very deep scratches on stainless steel.

Alternatively if any ‘jumping’ occurs on the workpiece you can use the inflatable expansion roller where the hardness can be adjusted using air pressure.

(For larger weld seams smooth out in advance with flap disks).

Step 2 - Intermediate grinding Now the workpiece is ground with the different grits of Trizact™ sleeves from A45 to A16. It is essential to also grind laterally and diagonally to the working direction, so that the surface is evenly “removed” and a plane "polishing level" is created.

During steps 3-5, the Poly PTX 800 speed dial should be set to 4-6 because polishing requires a higher speed.

Step 3 - Polishing It is then polished using the SuperPolish sleeve and white polishing paste (prepolishing), then the next polishing step with the SuperPolish sleeve and blue polishing paste (re- polishing).

IMPORTANT: Do not mix different pastes. Spread the pastes and the cream on sleeve or rings (not on the workpiece).

Step 4 - Removing paste residue  After each polishing step put POLY lime on the paste residue (simply sprinkle it), and carefully wipe it off the surface of the workpiece with a clean microfiber cloth.

Step 5 - Final polishing The subsequent mirror finish polishing is now carried out with the SuperPolish sleeve and pink polishing cream. This polishing must only be carried out in one direction.

If any minor streaks should still appear because of the material used, these are removed using high-gloss rings (soft) and pink polishing cream. 
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