How long should my filters last?

Supplier: Protoblast By: Protoblast
06 February, 2020

This would have to be the most commonly asked question when talking about dust collection in the abrasive blasting industry. So let's dive in...

An accurate answer cannot be given as there are so many variables to consider. Some Protoblast customers need to change their filters every 9-12 months and others will not need to touch them for 5+ years. So why such a discrepancy? The main factors that determine the life of a filter are dust loading, hours operated, blast media used, product being blasted and condition of the abrasive. What we like to do is help educate our customers as to best practices and what measures can be put in place to achieve the best possible life span from their filters. Some of the best strategies include:

  • Use clean abrasive. The Protoblast Abrasive Classifier is the most efficient and effective way to clean spent abrasive.
  • Ensure the reverse pulse filter cleaning system is working correctly. It should be set up to pulse at least two cycles after the fan has been shut down as this is where a lot of the dust load is removed.
  • Install a VSD (Variable Speed Drive) on the dust collector fan. With this the fan speed can be slowed down if full volume is not needed and this will decrease the velocity of air at the filter.
  • Ensure there is an exhaust plenum fitted that will ‘drop out’ heavier dust before it reaches the filters.

There are many more measures that can be taken to elongate the shelf life of your filters so give us a call and we can help save your money.