How does Bitron (By Tron) Metal Treatment work?

Brian Rogers Promotes & supplies the Original, Genuine, Bitron Products.

Bitron Treatments are the most economic and fuel saving penetrating lubricants that reduce the smoke emissions by improving combustion, hence power and performance.  A possible 90% reduction in exhaust pollution emissions.

The molecules of metal have positive nucleus at their centre.   Inside the orbit, around nucleus are electrons with a negative charge, which is the reason why the outer surface of a metal has an overall negative charge.

A stylized molecule of Bitron has an overall positive charge. The positively charged molecules of Bitron gets attracted and anchored to the metal’s negatively charged surface.

This creates a uniform layer of Bitron over the entire metal surface. If there are any areas of hydrocarbon or rust build-up, the Bitron treats it due to a greater affinity for the metal. This has the effect of displacing the accumulated particles from the metal surface.

Without this protection, the asperities or peaks of the metal surface will heat up rapidly when they move close to one another causing friction.

At these higher temperatures, normal oil, which is subject to thermal viscosity breakdown, will become thin and disperse, leaving the metal surfaces exposed.

When the two surfaces collide, the impact will break one off the "asperities" which will become a "wear particle".

With the presence of Bitron, the incidence of this happening, is greatly reduced.   Bitron is anchored to the metal surface protecting it from thermal viscosity breakdown and providing the lubrication. This allows the metal surfaces to slide smoothly over one another.  In fact, when metal heats up, the molecules vibrate rapidly, freeing up even more negative charge. As a result, the positively charged Bitron will be attracted to those areas needing the most protection. Bitron Metal Treatment is highly recommended for cost effective, fuel enhancement solutions for ALL types of engines, trucks, boats, farm & heavy machinery, motor bikes, power steering, motor vehicles, 2 Stroke Engines & Out-board Motors.

I have more than 400 Commercial Customers purchasing these amazing Bitron Treatments year after year, and, ALL,  tell me the same thing;  their machinery and vehicles NEVER require  maintenance repairs.  There is NO "downtime".  Operating repair costs are NOT needed.   The ADDING of BITRON to ALL the mechanical areas of the machine REDUCES FRICTION enormously; the parts hardly ever wear.   The machinery operates very smoothly. NO harmonic problems.

If you would like to ADD BITRON to your machinery etc and experience the operation of NO "downtime". NO maintenance repair costs; trouble free operation of your vehicles & machinery, then :--

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