How automating HR processes can save you time and money

Did you know that inefficiencies can cost as much as 30% of your company revenue?

Therefore, it makes sense to incorporate ways to improve efficiency in your workplace. The HR department is an integral part of any organisation. Whether you run a large or small organisation, there is a responsibility to ensure your HR department runs smoothly. After all, HR are responsible for managing absence, monitoring training needs, ensuring accurate data is held and some aspects of payroll. Increasingly, HR departments are automating their processes to help the business run more efficiently. If you are considering automating your HR processes, you may be surprised at some of the ways it could save your business both time and money.


The admin side of HR can be huge, especially in large organisations. Without automation in place, administrators need to manually process and calculate sick leave and holidays which can take up time which could be spent on more valuable projects. With the automation of HR, employees can update their time and attendance and the system can take care of the calculation of sick leave and holidays. In some companies, the automation of HR processes could even reduce the head count in HR departments. No one likes to think that systems will replace humans and there will always be a need for the human touch, especially in HR but using these systems could save you time and money. Automation systems are also hugely beneficial for businesses which are heavily under resourced.


The HR department in many organisations have a responsibility for reporting on absence. This is an aspect of the role which is heavy on resources. It is quite often the responsibility of HR advisors to handle the reporting function and this can end up taking up hours or even days at a time. As automation allows for absence tracking, it can make reporting much quicker and easier, which can save companies a lot of time.

Work flows

With Time and Attendance systems, employees can clock-in to the system, which can then trigger a workflow. Managers can clearly see where their time and resources are being used, and any insufficiencies. They also gain a better understanding of any unnecessary processes which could be eliminated. Time and attendance systems can also help improve the sickness and absence process for HR departments. If employees are off sick for, automatic documents can be sent to them when they clock back in, which makes the process much quicker and saves the HR department a lot of time and hassle. Time and attendance systems are ideal for HR departments, as you can easily see when employees are off, where they are located, and this can make it easier to manage all HR processes. They can also be integrated with Payroll to ensure staff are paid appropriately.

Accurate data

Humans make mistakes and in HR, this can cause a lot of problems. For instance, if working hours are incorrect, it will affect the employee’s pay. The hassle and time it takes to rectify these issues can be damaging for the bottom line of an organisation. With HR automation, mistakes are much less likely, especially with time and attendance systems. Employees clock in and out, the data is on the system and pay is based on this data. It is more accurate, and it can save businesses a lot of time.

Employee relations

Automated processes can help improve employee relations. With HR making less mistakes, there are less disgruntled employees asking why their salary is wrong or their annual leave hasn’t been approved. With less of these types of queries which take up a lot of time for HR staff, they can get on with doing more useful tasks, instead of handling employee complaints. A happy workforce means better employee engagement and less wasted time. Greater employee engagement can have a wider benefit on HR departments, as it inevitably means less grievances and other issues.

If you want to automate your processes, we can find the best HR solution to suit your business needs. Contact us for more information. 

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