Hired conveyors remove flood damaged grain

Supplier: Kennards Hire
18 June, 2012

Linked, 240V portable conveyors hired from Kennards Lift & Shift, were used to remove about 1000 tonne of water damaged wheat grain from silos at Weston Milling's Moorooka plant following the Queensland floods.

Kennards Lift & Shift in Brisbane supplied the units, and helped set them up, using chain blocks.

Weston Milling maintenance co-ordinator Graham Podboj said the plant was inundated with water two and half metres deep.

"We had six conveyors going at a time from multiple bins," he said.

"The grain was moved on the conveyors out basement windows into a collection hopper, on to an incline auger and into tip trucks."

Kennards Lift & Shift recently doubled the size of its portable conveyor fleet, which includes 3m and 6m units.

This follows very positive feedback over the last 24 months from customers who have had the advantage of hiring a new model system, which is a vast improvement on earlier machines.

The units are compact, making them easy to transport, and 45m of conveyor can be assembled in 15 minutes without need for specialist skills. They operate on a maximum incline of 30 degrees.

Kennards Lift & Shift has hire centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.