Hat trick of stretch film wrappers for electronic warehouse

Supplier: Safetech
28 November, 2011

The company is a national importer and distribution warehouse for well known electrical goods. Goods vary from televisions, toasters, computers DVD players etc.


Imported pallets of goods are broken down and re-palletised for distribution to customers Australia wide.

The Problem

The customer needed to eliminate hand wrapping and remove fork trucks from areas where large numbers of people were working.

Product Chosen

The company chose the Safetech Low wrapper semi auto with enhanced photo eye to detect black film used for security purposes. The company are currently looking at purchasing their 3rd unit.

Benefits of this product

The Safetech Low wrapper’s 25mm turntable allows all staff to easily load pallets of product onto the wrapper using only pallet jacks. It also enabled fork trucks to be removed from the high density people area that is used for palletising of their many varied loads.

By buying locally it also allowed the company to specify the type of photo eye required to handle the sometimes problematic black film used for security on many loads in the electrical goods industry.


The company looked at all alternatives before settling on the Safetech option.

The companies purchasing policy requires three tenders and the Safetech LoWrapper has therefore had to beat off competition on three occasions.