Guidelines for packaging in e-commerce fulfillment

Consumers view products and brands based on the package in which they are delivered.

The sales performance of products comes largely down to packaging. The un-boxing process, eye catching designs and other personalised items that make up this range will determine your place in a very competitive market.

New products and improvements to products have helped to raise the bar in the industry. With the retail industry currently being reshaped by e-commerce, packaging will continue to play a prominent role in defining how businesses are perceived by end users.

Although, there are different components that influence packaging, the issue of durability still remains an important factor. The cost of replacing destroyed items can be a couple of times more than the cost of shipping. Also, it can give a negative brand perception when a company does not get things right. An American study revealed that 58 percent of Americans say that if they receive a damaged or broken product from an online order, they would either consider purchasing from a competitor or would not purchase from that retailer again. The world has shifted from brick and mortar stores so the need to prepare goods for shipping and delivery must be done in a precise fashion.

Blocking and bracing items is essential. If your item is stationary and unable to move during shipping, it will be less likely to sustain damage. One way that creative companies are making their mark is by using the channel of durability to personalise the pack. Remember that “Fragile” and “Handle with Care” labels do not replace careful packaging. Solutions such as the ‘NewAir IB Bubble On Demand’and the ‘Fill-Air® Rocket™ Air Pillow’ machines are great options that assist with damage reduction. 

The speed with which consumers want to access their products is unparalleled. Therefore, the speed at which you can go from acceptance of order, to dispatch is critical. Automated Packaging Systems ensure a high speed fulfillment operation while optimizing productivity, pack size and enhancing the end users’ customer experience all whilst delivering an attractive parcel.

The heightened awareness for the environment has made it essential to prioritize sustainability throughout the supply chain. As far as sustainability goes, issues such as environmental impact, cost and efficiency play a prominent role. Air PillowsIB Bubble on Demand and Cardboard Cartons, are fully curb-side recyclable, whilst maintaining our commitment to supplying only the highest quality packaging solutions on the market. Pack protection will always be a factor in online selling...if we can minimize breakages; it subsequently lessens time in transit, also minimising your carbon footprint.

The use of cube optimization which helps companies to save on freight and shipping has been embraced by most leading e-commerce sites.

In May of 2015, Sealed Air surveyed 150+ customers and found that 89% were already seeing an increase in shipping prices due to the new dimensional weight policy– 41% of whom saw increases of 10-20%. 
Multiple solutions are available immediately to assist with reducing the use of void fill and optimizing the dimensions of the carton that will be shipped out. In addition to the benefits of saving on fuel and transportation costs, the pack will be more stable and also have that professional touch that will enhance your brand.