Granny Smith Mine: Carbon in leach tank protection

Supplier: Australian Urethane Systems
28 May, 2014

Australian Urethane Systems provides tank protection solutions.

Location/job details:

  • Project:    Carbon in Leach Tank Steel Protection. Client:    Barrick Gold.
  • Product:    POLYEURO® 1050H.
  • Area:    8,000 square metres. Completion:    February 2009
  • Inspection:    November 2012

Original application requirements:

  • Refurbishment of carbon in leach gold process tanks. Using POLYEURO® 1050H which has a proven track record in Carbon in Leach projects.
  • Provide a protective coating to give long term protection of the steel structure against chemical and abrasion attack.
  • Exhibit superior bond to the substrate.
  • Provide a seamless elastomeric coating to the tank walls, floor and baffles with minimal downtime.

Inspection after 3.75 years of continual service:

  • The coating only has minor isolated damage around the baffle and baffle arms.
  • The integrity of the coating has been maintained demonstrating the resistance to chemicals and wear forces typically encountered in the Carbon in Leach process.
  • After minor touch ups this tank can be put back into service giving the client many more years of trouble free service