Gorgon Project Offshore Pipeline | 10,000kg Pipe Rolling Solution

A 10,000 kg pipe rolling solution.
A 10,000 kg pipe rolling solution.

Whether it is underground cable installation, transportable pipe rollers, wheels for industry or an offshore gas pipeline, requiring a 10,000kg pipe rolling solution - the 34 inch offshore gas pipeline for the Gorgon project in Western Australia.


  • Richmond are the forefront of design, manufacture and supply.
  • After initially supplying over 100 complete pipe rollers, pipe supports and pillow blocks in late 2010 for the same project, Richmond were given the task of designing and manufacturing and additional 20 pipe rollers to accommodate the load and pipe diameter off the 34 inch pipe section, a lot bigger when compared to the initial 10 inch pipeline rollers manufactured by Richmond.
  • Whilst the pipe roller needed to carry an enormous load, the 3LPP (3 layer polypropylene coating) used on this pipeline needed to be protected, this meant that a low contact pressure between pipe and rollers needed to be the key design feature.
  • A soft grade of polyurethane - which reduced the contact pressure - was selected for this project.