Gold Coast Light Rail

Supplier: Ingal EPS
30 September, 2013

The Gold Coast is one of Australia's fastest growing cities, and with the 2018 Commonwealth Games looming the construction of the Gold Coast Light Rail Project is moving ahead rapidly.

The project is jointly funded by state, federal and local governments.

A key component of the construction is the changes required in traffic and pedestrian thoroughfares brought about by the new light rail network.

Utilec was one of the contractors that worked on the project and utilised INGAL EPS traffic signals.

INGAL EPS is a certified supplier of Queensland Main Roads traffic components such as mast arms, posts, and joint use poles — all of which were utilised in the applications on the Gold Coast Light Rail Project.

The project brought other issues to the table that needed to be dealt with; one such issue was storage of materials. During the construction phase of the project there was little or no room for material storage on site.

INGAL EPS assisted with this dilemma by tailoring specific deliveries direct to site, Utilec used our dedicated Customer Service team to coordinate the deliveries as and when required.