Gearhead Solutions for Individual Requirements

Supplier: maxon motor australia
16 July, 2008

Maxon motor a worldwide established supplier of high-precision drives and systems, offers a broad range of DC and EC motors as well as EC flat motors. It provides complete and fully compatible drive solutions through a comprehensive selection of additional components, such as gearheads, encoder systems, ceramic components and control electronics.

Maxon uses these standard components to offer a modular system for designing the ideal drive solution for every application. Maxon motor also develops special gearheads alongside it's standard programme, for which it has created a know-how platform that enables customers to access it's overall knowledge and years of experience. If a customer's problem cannot be solved with the modular system, customers can rely on maxon to be an innovative and competitive  partner to develop the best drive solution for the required applications.

Maxon modules - flexible solutions in the standard programme

Ever more compact, powerful and efficient drives are still being produced thanks to improved magnetic materials, new types of production techniques and careful use of power electronics. When dealing with very small dimensions, the effective torque decreases by a greater ratio compared to the speed, making the conversion of speed into torque crucially important in microdrives. The challenge of creating efficient conversion solutions in tiny spaces was a key aspect in maxon's development of new gearheads. The result was a group of gearheads that operate very quietly and maintain a high torque but demonstrate a long service life. Many of these improvements are due to the use of new materials, new surface technologies and new production techniques. maxon gearheads are techological trailblazers in their particular industry. The companies in-house developments involving new ceramic technologies (CIM) have helped boost performance and prolong service life. The development of new production technologies for micro-components has resulted in crucial competitive advantages, such as quality, price and performance.

Spur and planetary gearheads are both part of maxon motor's standard programme. Planetary gearheads feature in epicyclic gear systems, consisting of a sun gear, planetary wheels held by the planet carrier and the housing which has inward-facing teeth. They have a high power density, extremly high drive torques and are very compact in their design. They are used in high torque applications such as spindle drives, positioning systems and robotics. maxon's planetary gears typically feature one to five reduction ratios, whereas spur gearhead are characterised by being very quiet and inexpensive. They are produced in two to seven stage version and compared to planetary gearheads, do not normally have gearwheels that rotate around a central gearwheel. Typical applications of spur gears are regulating tasks, low-performance pumps and generally low-torque applications. The maxon motor gearhead range encompasses around 800 different gears with diameters of 6 -81 mm. These gearheads can also be modified to customers requirements to maximise the adaption to the particular application. Financially attractive solutions are also possible for small quantities.

Maxon special gearheads - customised solutions with broad know-how

Despite our effects to constantly upgrade and improve the modular system, the market is constantly coming up with drive tasks that require customised system solutions. A number of factors are often particularly important, such as available space, noise, high torque, particularly harsh ambient conditions and, above all price. maxon has created a new organisational concept in response to these market  requirements in the form of a team from gearhead development that can offer a know-how platform for customer specific developments. This platform is constantly being expanded in line with the team's experience and knowledge. All team members have specific skills with which they can quickly address customer requirements and changes in a flexible way. This optimised structure enables us to deliver speedy results for customers.Cooperation with capable partners means that tried and tested ideas can be intergrated into the process, providing customers with solutions that are based on an extensive pool of knowledge. Using and expanding this common platform leads to shorter  development times, provides high development quality, robust process security and an excellent price/performance ratio. The customised development of special gearheads is an interesting way of optimising customers applications, both for small and larger quantities.

Special gearheads - Three practical examples

Guitar turner - a multiple drive to guarantee that everything is in tune: designed to be fitted onto a guitar, this drive had to be extremely small but deliver a relatively high torqe at minimal cost. The solution is based on a six-stage hybrid gearhead that, including the controller, is fitted into a multi-function casing. The entire unit is embedded in a control circuit that can tune guitar strings automatically.

Precision drive for a scanning system - a classic plug-and-play solution: the high dynamics required were a key factor when developing this small, no backlash positioning unit. The solution to this task was a 6 mm motor with an intergrated encoder and a special in-house developed spur gearhead with reversed output shaft configuration, it's output journalled to be axially play-free.The complete unit is housed in a compact zinc die cast casing and the controller is fitted directly into the customers electronic unit.

High-speed feeder precision worm drive for pick-and-place machine: a special worm gear was used to meet the demands of high-precision and dynamic positioning processes. The worm is driven via a 22 mm diameter motor/spur gearhead combination the drive system being set up play-free during the installation process. All the bearings and the customer specific drive are integrated into a zinc die cast casing. An encoder system is attached to the motor shaft for determining position accurately.


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