G-Force keeps auto production lines rolling

Supplier: Safetech
29 November, 2011

Major Australian auto manufacturer solves lifting problems with G-Force.

Car doors the assembly line are delivered from a n overhead delivery system via a lift to 2 x seperate despatch points and then loaded onto trolleys for use in the assembly area

The Problem
Lifting more than 1,200 doors per day onto trolleys that supply the assembly line.

Product Chosen
The product chosen was 2 x Safetech Gorbel IAD Bx70 G-Forces (Intelligent Assist Device) in conjuction with a simple end effector and hung from a single ceiling mounted Gorbel enclosed track, light weight crane system utilising 2 x bridges.

Benefits of this Product
With a 100% duty cycle rating and a lifting capacity anywhere from 1 to 70 kg without the disadvantages that air or spring balancers normally encounter, the high speed Safetech G-Force was seen as the perfect product to lift the doors from the lift onto the trolleys. Each G-Force handles in excess of 600 doors a day giving the manufacturer increased productivity and eliminating the risk of injury as each operator only expends about 12 grams of energy to move each door.

As space is very limited, the only other real alternative would be to manually lift the doors from the lift onto the trolleys. This was an unacceptable OH&S issue.