Fuji Ace palletising robots available from Bud-Pak

Supplier: AccuPak
11 February, 2010

Fuji Yusoki has been developing, supplying, and improving robot palletising technology for nearly 40 years.

In 1982, Fuji recognized the changing market and met the demands of the palletising industry by developing the first Robotic Palletiser. We have since perfected the mechanical and electrical aspects of our robot palletisers to match the needs of virtually every palletising industry.

Bud-Pak / Accuweigh has already competently installed over 30 Fuji robotic palletisers in Australia and we have fully accredited Fuji service and sales branches across Australia with the capabilities to provide complete sales, service and spare parts support locally on Fuji robot palletisers. Our capabilities also extend to New Zealand and Oceania and for clients with existing robot palletiser installations, we would be most happy to provide quotes/estimates for all your servicing needs.

Fuji Ace palletising robots were developed in 1982, but since then, continual development of the range has brought many changes to provide a highly efficient robot palletiser which is the overall market leader in Japan with a commanding 60% share of total robot palletiser sales.

  • High Ability Function
    Fuji Ace robot palletisers are divided in two series (EC & AC) and five models to meet all customers requirements: from a light and compact robot to a high handling palletiser capacity of 1.600 cycles/hour one.
  • Various Hands
    Fuji Ace palletiser robots have a great variety of robot hand grippers for all kind of products such as boxes, bags, books and bottle to suit any requirements and make Fuji Ace a multi-purpose robotic palletiser.
  • Wide Application Range
    By flexibility and multi-purpose capacity, Fuji Ace robot palletisers provide the right solution to various industries such as food and beverages, chemicals, printing industries, electric power company and others.
  • Environmental Friendly
    Fuji Ace have succed reducing 60% of electricity used from the conventional robot palletiser by using high output motor, light weight conversion and using original design system control.
Source: Gary Bryant, National Marketing Manager.