Fuel Efficient Diesel Treatment | Bitron Genesis D110

16 Oct 2020

Bitron Genesis D110 is an advanced diesel fuel system treatment, formulated using leading edge technology to provide industry with the ultimate solution for diesel fuel system deposits and poor diesel quality.

Bitron Genesis D110 Fuel Efficient Diesel Treatment 

Genesis is first in a new generation of fuel treatments that integrate a modern, proactive approach to prevention with the conventional reactive approach currently favoured by manufacturers of aftermarket fuel additives and treatments.

This makes Bitron Genesis Advanced Diesel Treatment the first truly Intelligent Fuel Solution.

The Genesis formulation is the result of high quality research and analysis into current refining and pipeline additives used by the petrochemical industry in the production of their wholesale/retail diesel streams. Bitron’s research highlights and reinforces the anecdotal evidence that both standard and premium diesel streams often suffer from poor quality and have a tendency to cause a build-up of deposits in both the combustion chamber and injectors over time.

The above issues are the direct cause of a wide range of secondary problems including poor fuel economy, black and white smoke, increased particulates and fuel system corrosion.

Because Bitron Genesis is an integrated fuel treatment package, the product works proactively to improve diesel quality and prevent deposit formation, whilst also working in a similar way to conventional diesel treatments by helping to alleviate major problems such as corrosion, poor fuel economy and elevated emissions that result from issues with diesel fuel quality and deposits.

Functional Improvement Benefits

Bitron Genesis Advanced Diesel Treatment is an integrated treatment package designed to provide significant, immediate and measurable improvements to the functional profile of a broad range of diesel streams.

The Genesis Formulation has been developed to ensure that the diesel stream will not only meet, but exceed the ASTM D975 – Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils; an essential consideration for any diesel engine operator.

Bitron Genesis will improve and enhance diesel functionality in the following areas:

  • Increase the base fuel’s cetane number
  • Improve the fuel’s ability to lubricate; particularly the fuel pump and top end
  • Provide oxidation stability
  • Prevent filter blocking
  • Reduce the presence of water and sediments
  • Protect against metal corrosion
  • Significantly reduce foaming particularly when using hi-flo diesel fuel pumps
  • Cleanup and prevent both carbonaceous and zinc deposit types in both DI and IDI engines

Product Applications

Bitron D110 is suitable for use in all distillate fuels meeting ASTM D975. D110 can be safely used in special purpose light middle distillates with sulphur contents ranging between 15ppm and 5000ppm, general purpose middle distillates with sulphur contents from 15ppm through to 5000ppm and heavy distillates. This product can also be used to treat biodiesel blends ranging from B5 through B20.

Bitron D110 can be added at all stages of the diesel production cycle including during refining, tanker transport, directly into storage tanks and into the vehicle’s fuel tank. Bitron recommend using flow meters or injection flow meters when adding to bulk stocks such as during refining, tanker introduction and treatment of bulk storage tanks.

To ensure the product disperses evenly when treating bulk storage tanks without a flow meter, D110 should be added to the tank prior to pumping the distillate in. Where this is not possible, pouring the product as evenly as possible over the top of the distillate will ensure the product disperses over a period of 24-48 hours. No special procedures need to be followed when adding directly into a fuel tank. Normal movement and vibration of the equipment will ensure complete dispersal of the product within a short period of time.

Key Performance Benefits

Bitron Genesis proactively improves the functional characteristics of all base diesel grades providing operators with wide ranging benefits that will deliver:

  • Large measurable reductions of harmful emissions, particularly
  • NOx, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons and Particulates
  • Reductions of black and white smoke emissions that occur during start-up and normal engine operation
  • Extension of the operational life of injectors and fuel pumps
  • Significant improvements to injector deposit cleanup in DI and IDI engines
  • Optimisation of engine output resulting in reductions to noise and engine misfire
  • Reductions in the formation of sludge within the tank
  • Measurable increases in fuel economy
  • Reduction of fuel foaming and spillage during hi-flow tank filling

Recommended Treat Rates

Initial Treatment (clean-up dose):
Add Bitron Genesis Advanced Diesel Treatment at 3mL per litre (3 litres per 1,000 litres) of diesel fuel. After 15-20 hours or 1,500 – 2,000 km of running check fuel filter(s) and replace if necessary. 

This Bitron Genesis D110 diesel treatment, cleans the fuel to “pristine” condition.  Consequently, the fuel system will be fully lubricated and reduces wear to almost zero.  Fuel Systems, that have been checked, have proved to, NOT need servicing.

Ongoing Treatment:
Add Bitron Genesis Advanced Diesel Treatment at 2mL per litre (2 litres per 1,000 litres) of diesel fuel each time tank is refuelled.

Bitron Genesis Advanced Diesel Treatment will prevent the accumulation of moisture and the formation of diesel fungus (bug).

Money can’t buy the insurance you get by adding Bi-Tron treatment to your engine and machinery.

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